WHAT AIRBUS? - P8.8 billion to P11 billion

INC leaders using planes worth billions of pesos?


EXCLUSIVE: The price of a huge Airbus ranges from P8.8 billion to P11 billion, while an executive jet costs about P3.6 billion. These aircraft are being used by the Iglesia executive minister in his pastoral and personal trips abroad, Rappler learns.

MANILA, Philippines – Flying in style? Why are the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) leaders using an ostentatious Airbus 330-202 and a Boeing executive jet that cost billions of pesos?

The price of a huge Airbus ranges anywhere from P8.8 billion ($200 million) to P11 billion ($250 million). It is being used by INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo in his pastoral and personal trips abroad, informed sources confirmed to Rappler.

A long-term lease of an Airbus 330 could easily cost $5 million to $6 million, excluding payment for the pilot and flight times. This $5-million minimum lease translates to at least P225 million, sources in business circles said.

On record, the last time the plane was used was on June 27, 2015, when Manalo visited Taipei and officially established Taiwan as an ecclesiastical district.

In February, the INC chief also used the Airbus to go to Seattle, Washington and embark on a series of pastoral visits in the US, one Iglesia source, who requested anonymity for fear of being expelled, said.

Photos sent by the source showed that at least one security aide of the INC had his photo taken inside the modified cabin of the Airbus. Aircraft of this kind may be customized to have a living area similar to the photo below.



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